Alpha Protocol Equipment Database: Item Details
Samael Sidewinder
Category: Weapon
Type: Pistol
Value: $25,000
Damage: 19
Accuracy: 21
Recoil: 33
Stability: 34
Ammunition: 18
Quick Summary: Very stable, with light recoil and a generous clip, but below-average stopping power.
Versatile and precise, the pistol is an accurate weapon at virtually any range, even when on the move. The pistol is capable of accepting a silencer attachment - making it invaluable for stealthy approaches.
Israeli weapon design firm Samael made its start with concealable, small caliber pistols and has branched out into a wide range of military grade firearms. Samael weapons are designed for soldiers and mercenaries that expect to be outnumbered - so all of their weapons feature higher than normal ammo capacity. The large clip philosophy doesn't just add staying power - it also acts as an effective counterbalance, providing stability and recoil control.
• Saudi Arabia (Clearinghouse) - Purchased from Murad
• Taipei (Clearinghouse) - Purchased from Heck Enterprises