Alpha Protocol Equipment Database: Item Details
Hamilton Duelist
Category: Weapon
Type: Pistol
Value: $100,000
Damage: 22
Accuracy: 22
Recoil: 32
Stability: 32
Ammunition: 15
Quick Summary: Top of the line pistol with balanced traits.
Versatile and precise, the pistol is an accurate weapon at virtually any range, even when on the move. The pistol is capable of accepting a silencer attachment - making it invaluable for stealthy approaches.
Hamilton is a premiere supplier of man-portable weaponry. Based in the United States, Hamilton's list of clients includes seven NATO countries, and over a dozen private military companies. True to their "No Compromise" motto, Hamilton weapons are built for stopping power, accuracy, ease of use, and ammo capacity - no facet of a weapon is sacrificed. Hamilton's sidearms and rifles set the benchmark for solid engineering.
• Moscow (Clearinghouse) - Purchased from G22