Mass Effect Planetary Database: Location Details
Wuo Wuo

Cluster: Argos Rho
System: Gorgon
Orbital Period: 158.0 Earth Years
Radius: 6959 km
Day Length: 158.0 Earth Years
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.44 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: 1157 Celsius
Surface Gravity: 0.66 G

Wuo is a terrestrial planet only known from scan data picked up by unmanned probes. Though over 76 AU from the blue giant Gorgon, temperatures in Wuo's orbit are still dangerously high. Only ships with very powerful heat radiating systems can venture that deep into the system.

Fortunately, Wuo is not a terribly interesting world. It has a thin atmosphere of nitrogen and methane, and the scorching surface is mainly composed of alumina with deposits of platinum. The world is tidally locked to Wuo, leaving the sunward side a scorched and irradiated wasteland, and the dark side a frigid and ice-crusted tundra.