Mass Effect Planetary Database: Location Details
Metgos Metgos

Cluster: Argos Rho
System: Hydra
Orbital Period: 2.8 Earth Years
Radius: 7301 km
Day Length: 47.2 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 1.00 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: 169 Celsius
Surface Gravity: 1.1 G
Note: This planet's surface can be landed upon.

WARNING: Level 2 Heat Hazard

Metgos is a large terrestrial planet with an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Its hot surface is mainly composed of nickel with deposits of potassium and heavy metals. It is a mineralogical treasure trove, with concentrated heavy elements constantly being brought to the surface by volcanic activity.

Metgos is inhospitable and dangerous, and expeditions must be well-prepared to survive any length of time. With its high mass, heat-trapping clouds and constant volcanic venting, Metgos seems well on its way to becoming a Venusian "pressure cooker" world.