Mass Effect Planetary Database: Location Details
Intai'sei Intai'sei

Cluster: Argos Rho
System: Phoenix
Colony Founded: 2166
Orbital Period: 47.8 Earth Years
Population: 150,000
Capital: Thoreau Mesa
Radius: 5897 km
Day Length: 27.6 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.95 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: 46 Celsius
Surface Gravity: 0.8 G
Note: This planet's surface can be landed upon.

An atmosphere similar to Earth's made Intai'sei an early candidate for human colonization. However, prohibitively high temperatures and an arid climate have proven a hindrance to terraforming and agrivulature. A few human cities were founded, but the majority of the human population on Intai'sei remains scattered across the vast deserts, operating wind farms, and geological research stations.