Star Wars: KotOR II Equipment Database: Item Details
  Exchange Negotiator
Template: w_melee_08
Tag: w_melee_08
Type: Weapon (Melee)
Value: 850
Feat(s) Required: Weapon Proficiency: Melee Weapons
Special Properties
Not Upgradeable
Damage: Physical, 1-1
Damage Bonus: +1-6 Physical
Critical Threat Range: 20-20, x2
On Hit: Stun, 25% for 6 seconds
Save: DC 18 to negate stun
A useful tool for espionage, this weapon is more effective than the standard stun baton, but is still available on most worlds.
• Telos (Citadel Station Bumani Exchange Corp.) - Found on Luxa's corpse
• Dantooine (Khoonda) - Purchased from Adum Larp