Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Bothan Shrieker
Template: g_w_sonicpstl02
Tag: g_w_sonicpstl02
Type: Weapon (Blaster Pistol)
Value: 1250
Feat(s) Required: Weapon Proficiency: Blaster Pistol
Special Properties
Damage: Sonic, 2-5
Range: 17 meters
Critical Threat Range: 20-20, x2
On Hit: Attribute Damage Dexterity
Save: DC 14 to negate attribute damage
Balanced: +2/+0 vs. two-weapon penalty if used in the off hand
Attack Modifier: +1
This is an improvement over the standard sonic pistol design that must seem doubly shrill to the large ears of the Bothans.
• Korriban (Dreshdae) - Purchased from B'ree