Star Wars: KotOR Equipment Database: Item Details
  Mandalorian Power Shield
Template: g_i_frarmbnds06
Tag: g_i_frarmbnds06
Type: Armor (Shield)
Value: 1400
Special Properties
Uses: 5/5
Duration: 200 seconds, or max damage taken
Deflection: Energy, Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing, Electrical 30 points total
Charges: Using this item consumes one charge. This item is automatically discarded after all available charges are consumed. Items that have charges do not stack in inventory.
An improvement by the Mandalorians on their basic forearm shield, this variant proved decisive in several battles with the Republic. The units are discarded once their maximum number of activations have been expended.
• Dantooine (Matale Grounds) - Found on Zuulan the Slaver's corpse
• Unknown World (Temple Exterior) - Found on Mandalorian's corpse