Fallout 1 Equipment Database: Item Details
Spiked Knuckles  
Category: Weapon
Type: Unarmed
Weight: 1
Value: 250
Damage: 4-10
Minimum Strength: 1
Attack Mode 1: Punch
Attack Mode 1 Range: 1
Attack Mode 1 AP: 3
Attack Mode 2: None
Attack Mode 2 Range: N/A
Attack Mode 2 AP: N/A
An improved version of the classic Brass Knuckles. The Spiked Knuckles do more damage, tearing through the flesh of your opponent in unarmed combat.
• The Hub Raider Camp - Found on raider
• The Hub Downtown - Found on Kane's corpse
• The Hub Old Town - Found on Rough Guard's corpse
• Boneyard Fortress - Purchased from Zack