Baldur's Gate II Equipment Database: Search Results
Rogue Stone Code: MISC45
Category: Miscellaneous (Crafting Item) Value: 5000
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 0

How Obtained:
  • Docks District (Mae'Var's Guildhall) - Sold by Gorch
  • Docks District (Mae'Var's Guildhall) - Found on second level behind locked door
  • Windspear Hills Dungeon (Level 2) - Found in prison (2x)
  • Temple Ruins (Outside) - Loot from Shade Lord
  • Spellhold (Level 1) - Found in lounge
  • Spellhold (Level 1) - Found in bedroom
  • Spellhold Dungeon (Level 1) - Found in storage room
  • Trademeet - Reward from Guildmistress Busya for completing genie quest
  • Brynnlaw - Found on table in Caiya's home
  • Various other locations throughout Faerun

A small, shifting, rainbow colored, iridescent gemstone. The fluid shades of color appear almost liquid under normal sunlight; it is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Rogue stones are extremely rare and are used for the gemjump spell, hence one of the most sought after gems in the realms.