Baldur's Gate Equipment Database: Search Results
Grubdoubler's Axe +1 (SOD)
Category: Weapon (Throwing Axe) Value: 0
Lore Req to ID: 0 Weight: 3

One-Handed Weapon
THAC0: +1, +3 vs. humans
Damage: 1d6+2, +2 Magic vs. Humans
Damage Type: Slashing (Melee), Missile (Thrown)
Speed Factor: 3
Range: 20
Proficiency: Axe

Requires: 4 Strength, M'Khiin

Combat Abilities:
  • 20% chance per hit of confusing the target for 3 rounds (Save vs. Spell negates)
  • Returns to the wielder's hand when thrown

How Obtained:
  • Various Locations - Used by M'Khiin (SOD)

Crudely fashioned but an effective weapon, this axe has a certain sentimental value to M'Khiin Grubdoubler, who stole it from her father. Though she didn't particularly want possess the axe herself, she very much wanted it not to be possessed by one of her brothers, most of whom were furious their sister managed to steal it before one of them did.