Neverwinter Nights 2 Equipment Database: Item Details
Periapt of the Lost Witch
Base Item: Amulet
Weight: 0.1 pound(s)
Resource Name: nx1_amulet07
Installation: Mask of the Betrayer
Special Properties
Spell Resistance [30]
Immunity: Miscellaneous: Critical Hits
Cast Spell: Avasculate [1 Use/Day]
Cast Spell: Bestow Curse (11) [- Unlimited Uses]
Arduelth, a young witch, had spent her life living under the shadow of Thay, and wished to study for a magical means to empower Rashemen, so she left on a dajemma - the customary Rashemi journey of self-discovery. Years later she returned, a haunted look in her eyes. Around her neck she wore an amulet that glowed with power - only the first of the artifacts she claimed to have learned how to create. She spoke long and passionately of how they could make use of such items - to not only bring peace to Rashemen, but break the back of Thay. The hathrans narrowed their eyes behind their masks as she spoke, fearing the young woman's intensity: but they listened, and gravely made her one of them.

Before long, the witches began to regret their decision. The young woman seemed obsessed with the idea of creating more items of greater and more sinister properties... and her plans grew more and more elaborate, from freeing the slaves of Thay to enslaving the Red Wizards in their place, sapping them of their power for her own devices. It was suspected that Arduelth had become a durthan, eternal enemy of the hathrans - but another witch saw once that she communed with something far darker. Though the young woman still dreamed of peace and freedom for her people, she had given herself over to a dark entity - her pure intentions savaged by the lengths she would dare go to achieve them.

Though it seems Arduelth's life has come to an end, the amulet still glows with a same promising light... as if it carried a fraction of its former wearer's soul, and the determination to see her plans come to fruition - whatever the cost.