Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
Nikola Tesla and You  
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Book
Item ID: 00034041
Weight: 2
Value: 50
Special: This skill book increases your Energy Weapons skill by +1.
• Arlington Library - Found on table in the Talon Mercenary camp to the southeast
• Deathclaw Sanctuary - Found on barrel next to corpse pile
• Dupont West (Foggy Bottom Station) - Found on mainframe next to Protectron chamber
• Evergreen Mills (Evergreen Mills Bazaar) - Found on bed
• Farragut West Metro Station (Farragut West Station) - Found in office safe
• Fort Bannister (Commanding Officer's Quarters) - Found on roof of enclosed hallway
• Jefferson Memorial (Taft Tunnels) - Found on bench
• Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop (Jocko's Pop Stop) - Found on counter
• Jury Street Metro Station (Gold Ribbon Grocers) - Found on floor in southwest corner after knocking down all the boxes of detergent
• Mason Dixon Salvage (Abandoned Shack) - Found on table
• MDPL-05 Power Station - Found on top of boat next to raider dock to the east
• MDPL-21 Power Station (Power Substation) - Found on work bench
• Megaton (My Megaton House) - Found inside after purchasing the Scientist theme
• Museum of History (Entrance) - Found on floor in bathroom stall
• Museum of Technology (Atrium) - Found on counter in security office
• National Guard Depot - Found on shelf on bottom floor
• Red Racer Factory (CEO Offices) - Found on shelf
• RobCo Facility (Offices and Cafeteria) - Found on table
• Robot Repair Center - Found on counter in Sector A
• Satcom Array NN-03d - Found on shelf in abandoned tent to the southeast
• The Capitol Building (West Entrance) - Found on table in locked room
• VAPL-84 Power Station - Found on shelf in destroyed house to the north
• Vault 106 (Living Quarters) - Found in bottom crate on desk
• Vault 87 (Reactor Chamber) - Found in crate next to mannequin
• Vault 92 (Sound Testing) - Found on table