Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
Guns and Bullets  
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Book
Item ID: 0003403E
Weight: 2
Value: 50
Special: This skill book increases your Small Guns skill by +1.
• Alexandria Arms - Found on desk on the second floor
• Arlington Library - Found inside Pulowski Preservation Shelter to the northeast
• Arlington Library (Childrenís Wing) - Found on shelf
• Chryslus Building (Reception Area) - Found on table inside locked room
• Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel - Found between ammunition boxes
• Everglow National Campground - Found in trailer by makeshift bedding
• Falls Church / Mason District Metro (Franklin Metro Utility) - Found in a machine room
• Falls Church Metro (Franklin Metro Utility) - Sitting on table next to Combat Shotgun
• Flooded Metro - Found next to skeletal remains in east room
• Fort Bannister (Fort Bannister Bunker) - Found on top of gun cabinet in east room
• Fort Constantine (Bomb Storage) - Found on table
• Fort Constantine (CO Quarters) - Found on bed
• Grayditch (Abandoned House) - Found on shelf
• Hamiltonís Hideaway - Found in locked cell
• Mama Dolce's (Mama Dolce's Loading Yard) - Found on floor in west lookout hallway
• Mama Dolce's (Processed Foods) - Found on ground in bathroom stall
• MDPL Mass Relay Station (Power Station) - Found on desk
• Museum of Technology (West Wing) - Found on desk in hidden office
• Old Olney - Found in mailbox next to Red Rocket gas station east of town
• Red Racer Factory - Found on counter in the raider camp to the east
• Regulator HQ - Found under bed
• Relay Tower KX-B8-11 - Found in farm outhouse to the southeast
• Rockbreaker's Last Gas (Abandoned Shack) - Found on table
• Scrapyard - Found in John's Treasure Box inside northwest bus
• The Citadel (A Ring) - Found on floor next to bed