Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
Fat Man  
Category: Weapon
Type: Big Guns
Item ID: 0000432C
Weight: 30
Value: 1000
Durability: 100
Ammo: Mini Nuke (1)
Damage: 1610
Action Points: 65
Rate of Fire: 4.5
Spread: 2
Crit % Multiplier: 0
Crit Damage: N/A
• Evergreen Mills (Evergreen Mills Foundry) - Found in storage room
• Fort Bannister (Main) - Found on floor behind door in locked room
• Fort Constantine (Bomb Storage) - Found next to Armor R&D terminal
• Germantown Police HQ (Basement) - Found in locked storage room
• GNR Building Plaza - Found on a Brotherhood of Steel knight corpse outside by the fountain
• Minefield - Found on scavenger's corpse to the northwest
• Old Olney (Sewers) - Found in dormitory
• Rivet City - Purchased from Flak and Shrapnel's
• The Capitol Building (West Entrance) - Found on Talon Company Merc's corpse