Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
Duck and Cover!  
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Book
Item ID: 0006A80C
Weight: 2
Value: 50
Special: This skill book increases your Explosives skill by +1.
• Alexandria Arms - Found on shelf
• Charnel House - Found on floor on upper level
• Deathclaw Sanctuary - Found in footlocker outside entrance
• Dukov's Place - Found on table in raider camp to the south
• Evergreen Mills (Foundry) - Found on roof of lower level (must jump to it from catwalk)
• F. Scott Key Trail & Campground - Found on picnic table
• Falls Church / Mason District Metro - Found in ticket booth
• Fort Constantine (Launch Control Bunker) - Found on desk
• Germantown Police HQ - Found on ground next to bathtub behind derailed train to the northeast
• Germantown Police HQ - Found on shelf in destroyed house to the southwest
• Hamilton’s Hideaway - Found in raider camp
• Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal - Found on ground in abandoned shack to the north
• Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop - Found on table in Drainage Chamber to the east
• MDPL-05 Power Station - Found on ground next to four destroyed cars to the south
• National Guard Depot (Depot Offices) - Found on countertop
• Old Olney Sewers - Found under skeleton
• Red Racer Factory - Found in scavenger's makeshift home to the north
• Springvale Elementary School (Main Level) – Found on desk on the upper floor
• Super-Duper Mart - Found on table under a small bridge to the north
• Tenpenny Tower - Found on shelf in ruined house to the west
• The Citadel (Laboratory) - Found in crate in bathroom stall
• The National Archives (Main Level) - Found on school desk
• The National Archives (Sub-Basement) - Found on shelf
• The Washington Monument - Found on desk inside bunker to the east
• Vault 92 (Overseer’s Office) - Found on shelf