Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
Dean's Electronics  
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Book
Item ID: 0003403D
Weight: 2
Value: 50
Special: This skill book increases your Repair skill by +1.
• Anchorage Memorial (Anchorage Memorial Facility) - Found in medical floor safe
• Andale - Found on top of a footlocker inside a Nuka Cola truck to the east
• Bethesda Ruins (Offices West) - Found in a crate on a desk
• Canterbury Commons (Dominic and Machete's House) - Found on desk
• Corvega Factory (Corvega Factory) - Found on desk in southeast room
• Dry Sewer - Found on shelf in south room
• Dunwich Building (Forsaken Ruins) - Found on shelf in storage closet
• Hubris Comics - Found in a preservation shelter near the entrance
• Hubris Comics (Service Tunnels) - Found on desk
• Jury Street Metro Station (Jury St. Station) - Found on raider's workbench
• Mama Dolce's (Mama Dolce's Processed Food) - Found on shelf
• MDPL-05 Power Station - Leaning up against workman's toolbox
• Metro Central - Found on table
• Nuka-Cola Plant (Factory Floor) - Found on counter in southeast room
• Ranger Compound (Reilly's Rangers Compound) - Found next to toolbox
• Red Racer Factory (Factory Floor) - Found next to toolbox atop machinery near large teddy bear
• Rivet City (Broken Bow) - Found on shelf
• Rockbreaker's Last Gas (Abandoned Shack) - Found in crate beneath work bench
• Temple of the Union - Found on barrel by radiation pool at farmhouse to the northeast
• Tepid Sewer - Found near toolbox in west room
• VAPL-58 Power Station (Power Substation) - Found on desk
• VAPL-66 Power Station (Power Substation) - Found on desk
• Vault 92 - Found on shelf in barn to the west
• Vernon Square East (Sewer Entrance) - Found on table in locked room
• Warrington Station - Found on shelf in storage room