Fallout 3 Equipment Database: Item Details
D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine  
Category: Miscellaneous
Type: Book
Item ID: 00034043
Weight: 2
Value: 50
Special: This skill book increases your Medicine skill by +1.
• Anchorage Memorial (Anchorage Memorial Facility) - Found on table above safe
• Big Town (Red's Clinic) - Found on table
• DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac - Found in south room after defeating Mirelurk King
• Falls Church / Mason District Metro - Found in bathroom
• Fort Constantine (Bomb Storage) - Found next to Armor R&D terminal
• Germantown Police HQ (Top Level) - Found on table
• Greener Pastures Disposal Site (Makeshift Shack) - Found under bed
• Hallowed Moors Cemetery - Found on shelf
• Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal (Abandoned Shack) - Found on shelf
• Mason Dixon Salvage (Abandoned Shack) - Found on floor
• MDPL-21 Power Station - Found on desk in obscure cave to the northeast
• Minefield (Benson House) - Found on desk in master bedroom
• Museum of History (Lower Halls) - Found on shelf
• Oasis (Sunken Chambers) - Found in crate in abandoned camp
• Our Lady of Hope Hospital (Ground Floor) - Found in patient room
• Our Lady of Hope Hospital (Second Level) - Found on table in cafeteria
• Red Racer Factory (Factory Floor) - Found under bucket in northeast room
• Relay Tower KX-B8-11 - Found next to the radio in the drainage chamber to the south
• Rivet City (Broken Bow) - Found on top of mainframe
• RobCo Facility (Offices and Cafeteria) - Found on desk
• Roosevelt Academy (Roosevelt Academy) - Found on desk in medical area
• Shalebridge - Found on ground next to raider corpse and ant egg clutch to the east
• The Capitol Building (Hall of Columns) - Found on railing on upper floor
• Vault 92 (Living Quarters) - Found on desk
• Vernon Square East - Found on shelf in sewer within radioactive crash site