"Time lays waste to all things, but I shall fight it as long as I can."

Over two decades ago, pre-dating the explosion of the Internet and well before I ever started, I ran a small bulletin board system powered by WWIV in the rural community where I grew up that hosted all of the latest online games (mostly role-playing game doors) and shareware files. It was a considerable amount of fun, a great learning experience, and something I've looked back on fondly despite the technological advancements that have come along since.

And so, many years later, I have made a point of resurrecting this small BBS under the GameBanshee banner for one purpose and one purpose only - games. While we may eventually add support for other functionality, at the moment our primary concern is to give you everything you need to spend some quality time with the pre-Internet online games of your youth (or afford you the chance to become familiar with them, should you be too young to have experienced this golden era during its heyday).

So venture forth and enjoy some Legend of the Red Dragon, Trade Wars, Usurper, or any of the other games we've prepared for you. And maybe, just maybe, this little corner of the connected universe will provide you with some of the excitement that you thought was long since lost.

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