File: Shadows of Amn Patch Version 23037

Description: This is the latest "official" patch for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. If you don't own the expansion, we highly recommend downloading and installing this.

File: Throne of Bhaal Patch Version 26498

Description: This is the latest "official" patch for Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. If you do own the expansion, we highly recommend downloading and installing this.

File: Bonus Merchants (From Bonus and Collector's CDs)

Description: Unpack the contents of this download into the game's override directory to unlock two new merchants, Deidre and Joluv. They sell an assortment of nice items inspired by the Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment games.

File: David Gaider's Ascension Mod v1.4

Description: This mod involves changes to the battles in the last chapter of Throne of Bhaal that often have many more enemies and spell effects going off on-screen than are found normally in the official release of the expansion. Unlike the other mods that I've worked on for Throne of Bhaal (the "improved" battle series below), the Ascension isn't all about making the combat more challenging. It's about making the ending to Throne of Bhaal longer, more fun and a little more fulfilling. The mod mostly affects the end part of the game, starting at the very end of Chapter 9 when you meet with Balthazar and climaxing at the site of the ascension in the Throne of Bhaal. This mod replaces in full the Improved Balthazar mod. The new Balthazar is probably just as powerful...but a lot smarter and less cheesy...that is, if you fight him.

File: David Gaider's Improved Bhaalspawn Powers

Description: These are some extra Bhaalspawn abilities that the player was originally going to develop as he played out the challenges in the pocket plane, but they were cut in favor of the high-level abilities for all classes. There is a different set for good and evil, although many players are going to find that they get a mix of them. Perhaps the only negative is that it may be difficult to figure out what a couple of the powers do, as there is no way to get descriptions for special abilities.

File: David Gaider's Improved Abazigal

Description: This mod is crazy-hard. Some fans were requesting a multiple-dragon battle, so here it is, complete with drakes and a psionics-using purple dragon. This mod is only for the hardcore...and should probably only be used by those possessing systems in the upper range of the specs.

File: David Gaider's Improved Balthazar

Description: Balthazar is supposed to be the most powerful of the Five, yet many players were so high level when they reached him that they just turned on Greater Whirlwind and chopped him to pieces within seconds. This optional mod gives him some more speed and a couple of extra some students that share some of his powers...turning this into a much funner and more challenging fight.

File: David Gaider's Improved Gromnir

Description: This adds new creatures, AI and abilities to the battle with Gromnir Il-Khan. It's just a little spruce-up to a fight that I thought was a little makes Gromnir a bit more formidable and gives both him and the other Bhaalspawn with him some extra abilities and better scripting. I'm told it's of moderate difficulty but quite fun.

File: David Gaider's Improved Illasera

Description: This greatly increases the difficulty of this first Throne Of Bhaal encounter, adding to her skills, weapons, AI and the strength of her group. It is not very high difficulty, as a battle right at the beginning of the game shouldn't be, but it does make Illasera a credible opponent and member of the Five. She's a ranger/archer now, which was her original concept before we were forced to make the battle much, much easier (since people could potentially meet her with a single, newly-created sorcerer... and since the fight was unavoidable, those who couldn't get past it would be quite frustrated.) This version makes it so that you always meet the tougher Illasera as well as all her companions, so those who go into ToB with a weak character might want to stick with the original version.

File: David Gaider's Improved Yaga Shura

Description: This improves the size and variety of Yaga Shura's army, Yaga Shura's toughness and AI. It makes the last fight with Yaga-Shura a bit more of a tussle...the army spawns have been increased in number and given better AI (as well as had some low-level mages and clerics thrown into the mix). Yaga-Shura himself has been given some better powers and AI, including his lieutenants. And his invulnerability slowly wears off during the course of the battle with him, making this fight a bit trickier. One caution: a couple of times crashes were reported soon after Yaga-Shura re-appears. I was not able to verify if this was due to a specific bug or due to too much graphic overload, but it does seem to be rare regardless.

File: David Gaider's Improved Demogorgon

Description: Prior to ship, the fight with Demogorgon was a lot harder. We figured, however, that even though this was an optional fight, there were going to be a lot of people who figured that they had to kill Demogorgon and would get frustrated because of how difficult he is. So he was toned down. At the request of some players on the BIS message board, the original difficulty was restored.