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Crimson Alliance

Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
September 7th, 2011
Platforms :
Genre :
Action, Role-Playing
Perspective :
Theme :
ESRB Rating :
ESRB Descriptors :
Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence

Game Description

Welcome to Byzan, a fallen empire on the edge of a dead sea. Once a thriving capital, part of a larger alliance of noble states, Byzan has fallen upon dark times, along with most of the realm. A few harried survivors eke out a meager existence amid the ruins, while a cruel and primitive race, the gulyabani, practice savage rites and sacrifice the unwary to their fell goddess. But it is rumoured that even fouler things than the primitives live in the labyrinthine depths of ruined Byzan…
The world of Crimson Alliance is a dark and violent place, where loyalties can be twisted by magic, and where the strength of the sword carries far more weight than the machinations of diplomats. In Crimson Alliance, you will explore a portion of the world as one of three characters, each with their own troubled past, and their own reasons for pushing into Byzan.
As you push ever deeper into the fallen city, you will discover a world of seduction, betrayal, with a rich history. The outcome of this story is in your hands, but as you adventure, you’ll learn more about the other members of the Crimson Alliance, and more about the history of the realm through mysterious Soul Anchors.
Scattered throughout the ruins, each Soul Anchor tells the tale of fallen heroes who came to Byzan, shaped its history, and fell to one of the evils that now controls its destiny. It is rumored by locals that those who collect Soul Anchors, and pay careful heed to the stories they share, will be granted the power of fallen heroes to aid them in their trials.
But the story of the Crimson Alliance does not end with the journey of three adventurers. The boundaries of the world are continually expanding. As each new player joins the game, as you pair up with friends and set out to explore, be constantly on the lookout for hidden spaces, and the secret maps secreted around the world. These will unlock new challenges, new adventures.
And since Crimson Alliance is a living game, designed to include constantly expanding content, be on the lookout for the continuation of the story as new episodes and challenges are released.
The fall of Byzan is only the beginning...
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