Crimson Alliance: Vengeance Pack DLC Released, Reviews

Quietly and without a press release, developer Certain Affinity has released the Vengeance Pack, the first set of DLC planned for their co-op hack'n'slash Crimson Alliance, on the Xbox Live Marketplace for the price of 240 Microsoft points.
With the Cult of the Soul Siren reeling, our heroes discover an ancient tomb buried deep within their dark stronghold. Could this be the hidden crypt of their Queen, Asturi? Sworn to protect these sacred grounds, the Cult have enlisted the most deadly warriors in all of the Empire. Can you destroy the Cult's hold on these lands? Feeling lucky? The new challenge map, Fistful of Coins, is a true test of your skill and cunning. Should you take your winnings and live to fight another day, or risk what you've earned AND your life on another round of combat for greater glory? The Vengeance Map Pack includes two new levels (Dead Among Us, Inferno) and a new challenge map (Fistful of Coins).

Despite not having exactly a lot of content to offer (two story maps plus one challenge map), the DLC still received the review treatment by a fair number of publications, like Empty Lifebar, 4/5.
Crimson Alliance's Vengeance DLC is very short and small but it is very enjoyable at the same time. While the DLC is fairly small the price matches it at the low price of 240 MSP ($3). It adds a little more depth to the story and the arena is very easy to return to time after time to see how far you can get on different difficulties. While it would have been nice to have a little more to this DLC, it is still worth playing if you enjoyed the main game.

Wanderson75, 4.75/5.
Overall, the Vengeance Pack DLC provides a fun challenge in additional maps. It will definitely keep Crimson Alliance fans happily sitting in front of the TV for a good two to three hours, whether it's to beat your character's doppelgangers or to build your stash of gold. For 240 Microsoft Points, Vengeance is a steal!

Digital Hippos, 4.0/5.
The only disappointment is the length of the DLC; it only took me about an hour to beat the campaign quests. The content is only 240 Microsoft Points though so that complaint is minimal. Besides that, the challenge map offers much more fun and time consumption, as well as a great way to make money if you are skilled enough.

Saving Content, 80%.
If you enjoy Crimson Alliance and have either solo'd or co-op'd the main levels too much, then these new areas will be provide tons of replay and challenge.

MSXbox-World, 8/10.
For 240 Microsoft points the Vengeance pack is a no-brainer for any owner of Crimson Alliance to purchase. The challenge map and new campaign levels that introduce a small twist to the plot of the game offer a great test of skill for any player looking for that hardcore dungeon crawler.

XBLA Ratings, scoreless.
It releases on Wednesday, October 12th for $3 (240 MS Points) and if you enjoyed Crimson Alliance I would recommend picking up the Vengeance Pack. If you want a challenge this brings it, but without making it so hard it is frustrating. It is not overly long (assuming you take deployables in and have the skill playing to keep from getting yourself killed), but I think $3 for an afternoon or evening of gaming is a pretty good deal.

Piki Geek, scoreless.
For $3 in Microsoft play money (240 MS points), a person could get a much worse deal, but I would not recommend this to people who were nonplussed by Crimson Alliance because though it adds a fun survival level, it does not add much else to the game over all.