The Brotherhood of Steel
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The Brotherhood is the place to go if you want the best the game has to offer. It is the only place of high-technology in the wastes. You can upgrade most of your primary stats by one (providing you do not mind the weeks of game time that it takes for each stat), and find the best armor in the game, which can be further upgraded in the Boneyard.

To gain entrance to the Brotherhood, talk to Cabbot on the entrance map who is guarding the elevator down. He'll give you the quest to find the Brotherhood Tape from the Glow, and put it on your map for you if it's not already there. When you have the Tape from level 1 of the Glow (see that area for details), return it to Cabbot for 2000xp and entrance into the Brotherhood. It may also be possible to pick the lock of the elevator using electronic lockpicks you may have received from a Hub Thieves Circle quest. Once inside, everyone will assume that you performed the Glow quest whether you did or not.

Your main goal here would probably be to get the power armor and upgrade your primary stats, and get a little extra xp along the way.

Brotherhood Areas:

  • Entrance: a small exterior area with two guards and an elevator

  • Level 1: where Talus and Michael are for equipment, and the Gym is located

  • Level 2: the doctor for stat increases and free healing is here

  • Level 3: Kyle for the power armor quest, and Vree for a mutant lesson are here

  • Level 4: General Maxson is here

  • For some quick brotherhood armor, talk to Talus in the Gym on level 1 about equipment. He'll send you to Michael out in the hallway to pick up both the armor and some ammo. He'll also give you the quest to rescue the Brotherhood Initiate held captive in The Hub, for which the reward is the power armor.

    Brotherhood Quests:

    Here is a list of the significant quests in the Brotherhood of Steel, each with a brief synopsis containing at least one way to solve it. The remaining ways, and possibly other minor quests I will leave up to you.

  • Raise Your Stats:

  • One level 2, find the doctor in the central area, and if you can spare the time and money, consider increasing up to five of your seven primary stats. He'll also heal you for free.

    Strength costs 2k and takes three weeks to complete.
    Endurance costs 3k and takes one week.
    Perceptions costs 4k and takes one week.
    Agility costs 5k and takes three weeks.
    Intelligence costs 6k and takes three weeks.

  • Rescue the Initiate:

  • Talk to Talus in the Gym on level 1 to receive this quest. He'll ask that you free the initiate being held captive in The Hub. Specifically, the initiate is being held in Old Town, which is east of the Downtown map. He is in the first building to your south as you enter the area, where three thugs are in the main room connected to the front door. As soon as you enter the door, the thugs will all attack you, so be prepared. After they're dead, unlock the back door and talk to the prisoner there. He'll thank you and you can return to the Brotherhood for your reward. Even if you already did this quest prior to meeting Talus, he will still recognize its completion and your reward will be one of the following: laser pistol, power armor (if your karma is above 15), power fist, rocket launcher and sniper rifle. This is one way of getting a suit of power armor. The other way is explained below and results in a smidgeon of xp to boot.

  • Repair the Power Armor:

  • On level 3, speak with Kyle in the room on the southeast side. Talk to him about the power armor, and he'll require a systolic motivator. There are two in the Brotherhood. One is in Rhombus' room on level 1, and I'd only suggest this as a last alternative. The recommended approach is to talk to Michael the equipment guy on level 1 and yes, beg him for the part, unless your speech is high enough so that a bluff option comes along, in which case that might save you some face. Once you have the part, return to Kyle, he'll give you a Deans Electronics for your repair skill, and now you can attempt to repair the suit on the table. Use a tool if you're having trouble, or go buy and read more Deans Electronics from The Hub library. Now you'll possibly have two sets! And power armor will increase your strength by three points, which should put you well over the threshold to wield any item in the game efficiently. Hurrah! You're Rambo.

  • Watch the Combat Lesson

  • On level 1 in the Gym, your first time there, stay inside the room and listen to the instructor's lesson for a maximum +5% to both melee and unarmed skills. It takes a while to get the full benefit, but you'll receive 500xp for staying until you reach +5% on each skill, in 1% increments.

  • Speak with Vree:

  • This is not a quest per se, but more of an option if you want to have an easier time later in the game, and for a nice bonus to your Science skill. On level 3, find Vree and talk to her about the mutants to receive her experiemental holodisk, which details (when you use it) how the super mutants are actually sterile and implies that they will die out. Next, mention computer skills and she'll allow you to use the computer nearby, for an immediate +15% to your Science skill. Not bad.

  • Survey the Northern Area:

  • On level 4 is General Maxson in the first room you come to. Talk to him and he'll ask that you scout out the north to find the source of the mutant threats. If you then ask him about weapons he'll see that Mathia next to him offers you one of several including the power fist, ripper, sniper rifle, rocket launcher and laser pistol.

    Your task is simple. Move to the northwest section of the World Map and look for a likely unexplored green circle. Enter the circle, find out that it is a mutant military base, and return to the General. For this you will get 1500xp. Once you report your findings, he'll call a council of elders to discuss the matter. Now you may speak with them if you want some help infiltrating the military base.

  • Reinforcements for the Military Base:

  • Only when you're ready to begin the assault (or infiltration) of the Military Base, preferably after running through the Boneyard quests and upgrading your items, return to level 4 of the Brotherhood and speak with the Elders who have convened in the northern room. 1500xp awaits for this. Suggest to them that you could use some a small strike team of their paladins and they'll acquiesce. Now when you enter the Military Base, you'll have three power armored reinforcements to help with the courtyard battle. Within the base itself, you're on your own.