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Defense Skills
Skill Description Prereqs Available To
Backstab The ability to deal additional damage to an enemy when attacking from behind. Sneak (3) Budoka, Cabalist, Hunter, Ninja Lord, Ranger Lord, Trickster
Disarm Traps The ability to safely disarm traps protecting treasure chests. The higher the character's skill, the more time you receive to successfully disarm traps. Inspect (1) All Classes
Inspect The ability to examine locks and detect traps before you attempt to disarm them. None All Classes
Pick Locks The ability to pick locks on doors, chests, and so on. Mastery of this skill enhances the effectiveness of lockpicks. Inspect (1) All Classes
Sneak Provides an attack bonus when attacking from the flank or from behind, and reduces the chance that enemies will attack a character when the character's allies are present. None Budoka, Cabalist, Deathlord, Hunter, Marauder, Ninja Lord, Ranger Lord, Rogue, Trickster
Steal The ability to pull loose extra items from opponents when striking them during close melee combat. (Requires version 1.4 or later.) Sneak (3) Budoka, Cabalist, Hunter, Ninja Lord, Ranger Lord, Rogue, Trickster


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