Name: Imoen

Race: Human (F)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Class: Thief
  • STR 9
  • DEX 18
  • CON 16
  • INT 17
  • WIS 11
  • CHA 16

Skills (level 1):
  • Open Locks 25
  • Find Traps 35
  • Pick Pockets 25
  • Move Silently 35
  • Hide in Shadows 15
  • Set Traps 5

Special Abilities:
  • Set Snare

Starting Equipment:
  • Shortbow
  • 40 Arrows
  • Wand of Magic Missiles
  • 3 Potions of Healing
  • Oil of Speed

Outdoor Zone (AR2700)

How To Acquire:
The following day after you witness Gorion's death, Imoen will approach and automatically join.

When asked about her past, Imoen slaps your shoulder playfully. She says that you of all people should know, seeing as how you grew up together. Indeed, some of your fondest memories are of meeting this sprightly young lass. She apparently came to Candlekeep much as you did, though 10 years later in life, and she spent much more time with the guff Winthrop than Gorion. "Puffguts" she would call him, much to the old innkeep's dismay.

She seems the eternal child, and is quite content to play the part of little sister, though you are both of comparative ages. You can tell by her hearty smile that she will always be willing to travel with you, no matter what path you take.