The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Equipment Database: Search Results
Ring of Guidance
Category: Accessory (Ring) Min Level: 35
Req Class: N/A Value: 3400

Essence Capacity: 50
All Attributes: +[15-30]
Touch the Idol on the Crystal Workshop   (requires 300,000 damage done)
Walk to the altar in the Testing Facility   (requires 750,000 damage done)
Throw this ring to the ground; then take it back   (requires 1,500,000 damage done)
Find the wraiths in the Wormwood Chasm   (requires 2,000,000 damage done)
Kill the wraiths but spare the leader   (requires 3,000,000 damage done)

How Obtained:
• Giantwoods - Sold by Mr. Bellow Smash Jr.