Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Enchanter's Staff
Category: Weapon
Type: Staff
Material: Multiple
Installation: Base Installation
+1 Magic
+10% Spirit Resistance
+5% Fire Damage
+5% Cold Damage
+5% Electricity Damage
Restriction: Mage
This staff thrills with power, having been invested with magic through rituals older than the Circle of Magi.
• Ostagar - Purchased from Quartermaster's "other goods"
• Lothering - Purchased from merchant
• Denerim Market District - Purchased from Cesar
• Circle Tower (Apprentice Quarters) - Equipped by Wynne when you recruit her
• Redcliffe Castle (Main Floor) - Rewarded to a mage protagonist by Arl Eamon after you've healed him with Andraste's ashes