Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Biteback Axe
Category: Weapon
Type: Waraxe
Material: Silverite (Tier 6)
Rune Slots: 2
Damage: 9.00
Critical Chance: 1.50%
Armor Penetration: 3.50
Strength Modifier: 1.10
Installation: Base Installation
+1.5 Armor Penetration
+15% Critical/Backstab Damage
Restriction: Rogue
Familiar to the hand, but as far from a woodcutter's tool shed as an axe can get. Worked by the best enchanters money can hide from the Chantry.
• Denerim (Arl of Denerim's Estate - Dungeon) - Found on Arl Howe's corpse
• City of Amaranthine - Purchased from Glassric the Weaponsmith