Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Armor of the River Dane Gloves
Category: Armor
Type: Gloves (Massive)
Material: Silverite (Tier 6)
Armor: 2.63
Fatigue: 3.75%
Installation: Base Installation
+1 Strength
+1 Willpower
Restriction: Loghain
The Battle of River Dane in 8:99 Blessed was fought against a superior force of Orlesian chevaliers, ambushed by Fereldan rebels as they attempted a crossing of the River Dane. Loghain led that battle, and victoriously stripped the enchanted armor from the dead chevalier commander as a prize. The sight of Loghain wearing this armor became synonymous with Ferelden’s defiance of Imperial rule.
• Denerim (Arl Eamon's Estate) - Equipped by Loghain when you recruit him