Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Apprentice's Amulet
Category: Armor
Type: Amulet
Installation: Base Installation
+5% Fire Resistance
+5% Cold Resistance
+1 Armor
The copper pendant on this chain once bore the emblem of the Circle, but generations of worrying hands have rubbed the design completely away. The smooth metal is oddly comforting to hold.
• Circle Tower (Basement) - Found in chest during Magi origin story
• Random Encounter (Gentle Path) - Purchased from Old Tegrin
• Denerim Market District (Wonders of Thedas) - Purchased from Tranquil Proprietor
• Lake Calenhad Docks (The Spoiled Princess) - Purchased from Innkeeper
• Circle Tower (Apprentice Quarters) - Found on charred corpse
• Circle Tower (Apprentice Quarters) - Purchased from Sandal during Witch Hunt DLC