Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Monte-de-glace Strand
Category: Weapon
Type: Longbow
Material: Elm (Tier 1)
Damage: 6.00
Critical Chance: 1.00%
Armor Penetration: 4.00
Strength Modifier: 1.00
Range: 35
Installation: Leliana's Song DLC
Rapid Aim
+2% Ranged Critical Chance
Requires: 14 Dexterity
The Mont-de-glace bowstring is the legacy of an archetier who believed no chevalier should be disarmed by something as mundane as poor waxing and wet weather. "The bow, it is the string."
• Denerim Market District - Equipped by Leliana when you begin the Leliana's Song DLC campaign