Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Grey Warden Light Armor
Category: Armor
Type: Chest (Light)
Material: Drakeskin (Tier 7)
Rune Slots: 3
Armor: 9.00
Fatigue: 2.30%
Installation: The Golems of Amgarrak DLC
+2 Dexterity
+4 Armor
+0.5 Stamina Regeneration in Combat
Restriction: Protagonist Only
Part of the Orlesian Warden's Light Armor item set.
The insignia of the Grey Wardens is stamped into the leather.

When equipped with Warden light boots, gloves, and helm, the character gains bonuses to dexterity and constitution.
• Deep Roads Grotto - Starting equipment for a new rogue character during The Golems of Amgarrak DLC