Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale Boots
Category: Armor
Type: Boots (Heavy)
Material: Dragonbone (Tier 7)
Armor: 3.13
Fatigue: 2.92%
Installation: Base Installation
+10% Fire Resistance
+0.5 Stamina Regeneration in Combat
Requires: 38 Strength
Part of the Wade's Superior Dragonscale item set.
These are the boots that any self-respecting dragonslayer wants to be wearing. Wade's design not only shows off the pattern of the scales, but is also remarkably comfortable as well. When equipped in a set with Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale armor and gloves, the character gains a bonus to defense, and spells or talents cost less to activate.
• Denerim Market District (Wade's Emporium) - Constructed by Master Wade in exchange for a Dragon Scale after he's already constructed a set of Drakeskin armor and you've paid him extra sovereigns as an incentive