Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Acolyte's Staff
Category: Weapon
Type: Staff
Material: Iron (Tier 1)
Damage: 4.00
Armor Penetration: 20.00
Range: 50
Spellpower: 1
Installation: Base Installation
+2 Spellpower
Requires: 16 Magic
Restriction: Mage
Many of these ancient staves remain from the days when the Tevinter Imperium still ruled much of Ferelden. Infused with lyrium, it serves as a channel for a mage's power, able to fire bolts of energy in combat.
• Dalish Camp - Equipped by Merrill when she joins you during Dalish Elf origin story
• Ostagar - Purchased from Quartermaster
• City of Amaranthine (Abandoned Warehouse) - Found in crate