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Letters from the Past [Entry #157]
Category: Culture and History
Installation: Witch Hunt DLC
Commander Regnar of House Cadash,

You were wise to send the relic you uncovered. The Shaperate has compared the carvings on it to various records, and believe them to be of elven origin, possibly thousands of years old. I would advise that you cease repair work on the warrior training grounds immediately and continue investigation. A team will be dispatched from Kal Sharok as soon as possible.

--Shaper Warrek
The excavations are going well. I think Shaper Warrek secretly hopes that the artifacts will lead him to the lost city of Arlathan, despite Tevinter records that insist on its complete obliteration. Even if he found the site of the city, there would be little remaining of any worth. As for the artifacts, they must have come to this area by trade. Cadash thaig is old, build upon an ancient settlement called Cad'halash. Lots of junk can accumulate over that much time, even elven junk.

--From Shaper Assistant Shalla's journal

Got the carvings. These two depict elves forming an alliance with the Cad'halash dwarves, after the destruction of Arlathan. Scholars say it's proof that they took refuge to escape the Imperium. Should get a great price for this from collectors and historians.

And I almost got caught running these things to your man. They'll hang me if they find out. I want a bigger cut - fifty or we're done.

--A letter from an excavation worker
We thought the Imperium found the elves hidden in Cad'halash, and destroyed them, but it doesn't add up. The thaig was destroyed with conventional dwarven weaponry, not magical forces. No supernatural means melted the stone and no immense forces pulverized the pillars.

We uncovered shields (among other things) bearing the heraldry of old Kal Sharok houses. We destroyed Cad'halash - our own people. The only remaining conclusion is that Kal Sharok learned that hey were sheltering elves and, knowing it would jeopardize their alliance with the Tevinter Imperium, took steps to cover it up.

Thus far, there has been no evidence to contradict this theory, but it has split the Shaperate. Some wish to enter it into the Memories, while others demand that it lies forgotten in the dark halls of the Roads.

--From the notes of Shaper Warrek
• Cadash Thaig - Received after looting worn note from chest
• Cadash Thaig - Received after looting worn journal from pile of bones
• Cadash Thaig - Received after looting torn letter from pile of bones
• Cadash Thaig - Received upon inspection of scrap of paper on pike