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Seneschal Varel [Entry #210]
Category: Characters
Installation: Awakening
Varel has spent his life defending Amaranthine. When Rendon Howe was arl, Varel briefly became seneschal of Vigil's Keep, but he repeatedly objected to Howe's orders and was demoted to lower and lower ranks. Nonetheless, he continued to serve with defiance. When Howe's acts turned more sinister, Varel secretly sheltered those in need and used what little power he had to counteract the arl's atrocities. Soon, Varel was languishing in the dungeon awaiting execution. But Howe died first.

When the Grey Wardens took over Amaranthine, the order reappointed Varel as seneschal. Although Varel is not a Warden himself, his position as chief administrator of the Wardens' lands makes him privy to many secrets of the order, including the Joining ritual. This rare honor is a testament to his character.

Alas, Seneschal Varel was killed in the second darkspawn assault on Vigil's Keep.
• Vigil's Keep (Throne Room) - Received upon arrival in the throne room following the Joining