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A Decades-Old Letter [Entry #237]
Category: Notes
Installation: The Stone Prisoner DLC

I can assure you that the Circle of Magi is not a sacrilegious institution and that, indeed, we operate under the supervision of the Chantry. It would make our investigation of your husband's death much easier if you would simply cooperate with us. I am disappointed to hear that you sold the golem's activation rod--I understand both it and your husband were of invaluable aid to King Maric during the war against Orlais. Without the rod, we cannot discern whether Wilhelm's golem was responsible for his murder. The golem will simply have to remain where it is unless the villagers can find a means to destroy it. Our condolences to you and your son for your loss. I imagine it is of little consolation to you, but your husband is much admired here and will be missed.

Maker keep you.

--First Enchanter Arlen.
• Village of Honnleath (Wilhelm's Cellar) - Received upon inspection of decades-old letter