Dragon Age: Origins Equipment Database: Item Details
Malign Staff
Category: Weapon
Type: Staff
Material: Veridium (Tier 4)
Damage: 5.20
Armor Penetration: 29.00
Range: 54
Spellpower: 4
Installation: Base Installation
+1 Mana Regeneration in Combat
+5 Spellpower
-1 Willpower
+10% Spirit Damage
+10% Electricity Damage
Requires: 24 Magic
Restriction: Mage
Any mage can sense the undeniable power of this staff, but also corruption that infuses it, as if infected by the essence of the Blight itself. The surface is slick, as if coated with a foul oil that will never quite come clean, making it all the more unnerving to wield.
• Denerim Elven Alienage (Final Battle) - Found on Hurlock General's corpse
• Denerim (Palace District) - Found in chest during The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC
• Chantry - Purchased from Lem's Fenced and Found during Leliana's Song DLC