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The Shaper's Life [Entry #310]
Category: Quest-Related
Installation: Base Installation
The blessing of the Shaperate is given only to those who walk with the Stone. It is a path that cuts deep and the road is far from secure, but those who desire to work in memory must first honor it. Document the Stone, protect her, and present a new history to the Memories. Only then will the blessing of the Shaperate be upon you.

--From The Shaper's Life.
Orzammar has carved a legacy form the Stone, but history is more than the comings and goings that fill the streets. These caverns are old cuts and well traveled; the true will of the Stone is revealed far from the halls of politics and commerce. The Shaper must step away from the familiar, and seek out revelations from the frontier or buried secrets from paths abandoned. The shaper must first walk away if he is to return.

--"First Steps," from The Shaper's Life.
Far from abandoned, the Deep Roads are patrolled by those who fight for Orzammar and the Stone. These defenders have seen great and tragic events unfold, but they are committed to the moment, not the memory. It is the shaper's burden to walk this path with a mind to observation. He will fight if pressed--every dwarf owes that to the Stone--but his purpose is to record, not create. Although dark and deep, the old paths are alive with deeds; only the dedication of the shaper can ensure they are not lost to the Memories.

--"The Old Path," from The Shaper's Life.
Before the darkspawn, the Stone held an empire--dozens of thaigs, each cavern a shade of dwarven pride, communities separate but united. They fell by degrees. Ruins crumbled into tombstones, a forgotten glory. But the Stone is a living history, and absence can reveal more than constant scrutiny does. As the Stone shifts, she chooses what remains buried and what must see the light. The shapers must return, must walk the lost way, so the children of the Stone can see what has been surrendered and what can be gained.

This is the sacrifice of the shaper.

--"The Lost Way," from The Shaper's Life
You have walked the path of the Shaperate and documented the Stone. The blessing of the Shaperate is yours to wield in the carving of a new path, one for tomorrow's shaper to follow.

--From The Shaper's Life
• Orzammar Commons - Received upon inspection of runestone
• Orzammar Diamond Quarter (Shaperate) - Received upon inspection of Wall of Memories
• The Deep Roads (Caridinís Cross) - Received upon inspection of runestone
• The Deep Roads (The Dead Trenches) - Received upon inspection of runestone