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The History of Soldier's Peak: Chapter 4 [Entry #102]
Category: Culture and History
Installation: Warden's Keep DLC
There was one mystery, however, that persisted, and this mystery perplexed even Commander Halwic herself. When Commander Asturian went to his Calling in the Deep Roads, he did not have in his hand his sword, Asturian's Might, forged for him by dwarven smiths and presented to him upon the completion of Soldier's Peak. Nor did he pass the sword on to his successor, or to any other Grey Warden.

While some maintained that Asturian had simply destroyed the sword in his dotage, others believed he had stashed it away somewhere in Soldier's Peak. One young Warden claimed that Asturian had once grabbed him by the shoulders, fixed him with an unwavering gaze and said, "The sword will remind you what it is to be a Warden. Speak your oath to me, when the shadows come. You must speak the words."

What this was supposed to mean was never made clear.

--From The History of Grey Wardens in Ferelden, by Brother Genitivi, Chantry scholar.
• Soldier's Peak (Avernus's Tower) - Received upon inspection of corpse