BioShock Big Daddy Figurine Replacements

2K Games' official Cult of Rapture website brings word that any gamer that receives a broken Big Daddy figurine in their BioShock Collector's Edition can return it for a free replacement. You'll even get a printed BioShock art book for the inconvenience:
There have been some rumors about the Big Daddy figurines including in the BioShock Limited Edition being damaged. Here's the deal about them:

As often happens with large shipments, a small percentage of the Big Daddy units reached retailers damaged. Since it stinks to get a broken figurine on launch day, we're putting a plan into place if you do receive a damaged Big Daddy.

Go to and, later this week, enter your info if you have received a broken figurine. We will ship you a pre-paid box to send your damaged Big Daddy back to us. And since it will take some time to get your new Big Daddy to you, we will be shipping you a printed BioShock art book to help tide you over until your Big Daddy is back to you.