The Witcher Preview

GameSpy has cranked out a two-page preview of The Witcher, after checking out the latest build of CD Projekt's RPG at Gen Con Indy.
Combat is more than simple-minded button mashing. Players always control one character (Geralt the Witcher), although at times some AI-controlled NPCs may help him. There are three basic attack modes (strong, fast, and group), and two basic weapons, one designed for normal targets like humans and one silver weapon designed for supernatural creatures. Strong attacks are slower swings designed to be used against the tougher foes. Fast attacks are for simpler targets and group attacks do less damage but hit more than one opponent at a time. Each attack mode has unique animations and there's a timing element that unleashes specials attacks, so players have to closely watch the combat icons displayed in the center of the screen to time your attacks. There are also magic attacks player can add to the mix. The result is an experience that rewards players who master the system.