Dungeon Siege II Review

The guys at TotalVideoGames have tossed up a four-page review of Dungeon Siege II, giving the action RPG sequel an overall score of 7/10. Their final paragraph:
With an engaging storyline that pulls the player along, and gameplay that offers a solid (if simplistic) experience, Dungeon Siege II will delight fans of the original title and will no doubt attract further attention from others. Although it rarely offers a massive amount of originality, the strong narrative coupled with the return of developing class systems and the non turn-based combat will ensure that players are immersed in the land of Aranna for weeks - especially if they try to complete the game's three difficulty settings. It some ways Dungeon Siege II feels like the last of the current-generation of RPG titles, something that is sure to be confirmed when Bethesda's follow-up to Morrowind hits the stores.