Fable: The Lost Chapters Interview, Part Two

RPG Vault has posted the second installment to their ongoing Fable: The Lost Chapters interview, this time passing questions about the expanded RPG to studio head Louise Copley and lead scripter Mike West. A snippet:
Q: How much have you added in terms of new quests, and what different types are available through the course of play?

A: As mentioned before, there is one-third more content over Fable, and this also applies to the quests in the game. The quests are split into three different types.

Firstly, there's Story Quest. There's always one of these available to players at all times, so they never get stuck, wondering what to do next. However, there's never any rush to complete the quest either, so they're free to advance at their own pace.

Secondly, you've got the Optional Quests. These are found at the Hero's Guild, and the player can choose to do them or not. They usually reward the player with cash, renown and trophies, as well as opportunities to choose good or evil approaches to problem solving.

And finally, there are Vignettes. These are minor quests dotted around Albion that usually involve the hero helping out locals, or solving small problems on the spot, and then moving on.

All the quests in Fable: The Lost Chapters have been made with the experience of working on Fable, and they all feel a lot more involving than before. We have added many different moral decisions to be made when on these new quests, and the Fable comedy influence has certainly increased!