Guild Wars Sorrow's Furnace Preview

IGN PC has put together a three-page preview of ArenaNet's upcoming Sorrow's Furnance update for Guild Wars. Here's a bit to get you started:
Once shackled, players will have the run of the Furnace and be able to collect all kinds of information. In fact, because of the shackles, players will have the opportunity to talk to enemies for the first time and interact with them, even going so far as to accept quests from them. Eventually, plot twists and turns will change the landscape of the fiction and place heroes on the path to victory over the Stone Summit dwarves, but not without a serious fight.

The levels themselves are gorgeous as always. The Guild Wars art team continues to show their technical prowess and artistic vision. They manage to make the game look spectacular without many of the processor intensive tricks of the high spec games. It's all about style, theme, and in this case, contrast. The Shiverpeak area is a wintery wonderland full of fun surprises, but as players wander into Grenth's Footprint, they'll notice some changes. Lush forests are clear cut and the land blighted. Eventually, as players wander far enough, they'll find themselves looking over the edge of a gigantic man-made hole housing the mammoth Sorrow's Furnace complex. The surrounding pure white snow quickly gives way to charred landscape and hot colors unfamiliar in the mountains.