Dilogus: The Winds of War Interview

Linux Gaming News caught up with Digital Arrow's Norbert Varga for a ten-question Q&A about their recently revealed plans to turn their Crysis mod Dilogus: The Winds of War into a full-on CRPG. The usual snippet:
3. Tell me about Dilogus, what (world) does it take place ? what creatures can we expect to see ? what landscape and cities/towns will we visit ? are there alliances between races/clans/creatures ? politics ? Are there guides/clans or (sides) you can join ?

Ah, the world! We could be stuck here for ever and a day if I try to explain everything. But! Here are some highlights.

Dilogus actually started out as a CYOA/game (choose your own adventure) book way back in 2003. Ever since then, I've been developing the universe and polishing it to be interesting and unique. For instance, I made sure that elements that appear are not just there because (it would be cool to have). Every single element of the world has a reason behind it. That includes things from the smallest details, like dish decoration to big and important things like gods.

The game takes place in the fantasy universe of Dilogus. Some find this name odd, but I can give a quick explanation. The name comes from the main god, Dhil'Aeghas being pronounced wrong by the inhabitants of the world, thus creating a slang name. Dhil'Aeghas is a god that supposedly '˜forged' the world, therefore the name corresponds to him.

There are a multitude of various creatures and races but we certainly strive away from your usual orc and elf when it comes to races, and also try to keep it minimum with all the cliché creatures you can see in fantasy games such is undeads, goblins and alike.

As for landscapes, we are also trying to present a more unique fantasy world. The game will take place in the time after a major war that occurred as a result of power struggle between the main gods, thus the environment (especially the surface) is rather ravaged and cut up into pieces creating some sort of floating landscapes scenery. In addition to that, we are aiming to create the contrast of beautiful open environments and dark, mystical and horror-like caves. A lot of fantasy games are just all about walking in the woods, go into a dungeon, loot, go into the woods, walk around the green woods, etc. Our game spreads out evenly when it comes to variety in environments, even things such are underground cities are in plan.
Thanks, RPG Codex.