World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Reviews

Blizzard's shattering of Azeroth has resulted in three more reviews for their most ambitious expansion pack to date, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Eurogamer gives it a perfect 10/10:
Cataclysm doesn't just make WOW better. It does something even more valuable than that; it renews it. It fires your excitement at starting on that long road one more time, and invites you to relish the journey just as much as you'll lose yourself in its ending. If the price we have to pay for that is that it's a little less magical and a little more Magic Kingdom, then that is a price we will all willingly, happily pay. gives it an 8/10:
Cataclysm has moved Warcraft into the next decade. The game's graphics remain the same, the designs are all still there from the early days, but the new changes give a welcome feeling for players. New players will really enjoy Warcraft if they enter into an MMO for the first time, mostly because the veterans have gone through all the hard knocks to really discover what works and what does not with MMOs. Again, Blizzard has adapted systems and designs that are new necessarily new to the genre, but they have made them better and players will be thankful for it. The changes to the world and new zones add a breath of fresh air to a game that is older than people think. The lack of a new class is still frustrating, but the game continues to remain on top and the changes will only add to its success.

And GamingBolt gives it an 8.5/10:
After experiencing WoW for the first time I was certainly finding it hard to see exactly what the fuss was all about. With Cataclysm installed though, I found the experience was much more enjoyable across the board. I still have general reservations about WoW as a stand alone title, (a subscription is how much a month?) yet there is no doubt that Cataclysm is the best expansion the game has seen yet and it truly brings the World of Warcraft into the next generation. If you love WoW then you should consider Cataclysm a necessary purchase.