Dilogus: The Winds of War Revealed

This post on IndieDB announces that the team behind the ambitious Crysis mod Dilogus: The Winds of War has decided to turn their project into a full standalone fantasy RPG for both Windows and Linux users. Word is:
Dilogus - The Winds of War is back in production since recently. We've formed a whole new studio - Digital Arrow - and we've partnered with some amazing people to bring Windows and Linux users a unique and comprehensive fantasy RPG experience.

What is Dilogus - Winds of War? Just in case you had forgotten, it was previously announced on ModDB as a fantasy total conversion for Crysis. This time however, it's being produced as a standalone game for both Linux and Windows, featuring a singleplayer/Co-Op multiplayer RPG experience that the player will be able to experience with multiple unique characters.

Caring just as much about the Linux community than any other, we decided to aim for a release on that platform as well, considering some of us are actual Linux users ourselves. We see a bright future for Linux as a gaming platform, and we aim to prove this by releasing a great game for that platform as well!
Given the co-op support, it's possible that the game might be more of an action RPG than traditional RPG, but we'll have to wait for more information before making that assumption. In any event, an impressive batch of initial concept art can be found in our image gallery.