General Skills
Every character has a finite set of skills he or she can learn during the course of the game. Each known skill has a level score, representing the character's proficiency in that skill. The skill level can be raised by spending ADV Points on the Character Screen. The ADV Point cost to train a particular skill is determined in part by the character's class.

Icon Skill Description Prereqs Available To
Athletics The ability to swim underwater, avoid falling damage, and move faster when strafing. Acrobatic maneuvers gained: Leap Sideways (1), Forward Roll (2), Sideways Roll (3), Backflip (4). None All Classes
Bargain The ability to negotiate a higher sell price and lower buy price with shopkeepers. None All Classes
Repair The ability to repair damaged weapons, armor and shields, and the time interval between each repair attempt. (Requires version 1.4 or later.) None All Classes
Scout Mapping skill and the ability to detect concealed buttons and switches. (Requires version 1.4 or later.) None All Classes