What a Borderlands Sequel Should Contain

A lot of people must be anticipating a Borderlands 2 announcement in the near future, as two separate articles covering what their respective authors would like to see in a sequel have reached the Internet.

VGRevolution goes for a standard ten-step plan:
9. Salvage Gear

There have been countless times where I have picked up really strong weapons but they lack things like a scope, not enough elemental power,not enough ammo,etc.

What if there was a vending machine you could go to in Borderlands that you could pay to salvage your weapon for parts. Now of course there would be a risk for this. First depending on the rarity of the weapon you are salvaging the price will be greater but on top of that there is a chance you might not even salvage what you want.

The reward though is allowing you to take barrels,clips,elemental powerups,scopes,etc. and create your perfect weapon. They could even go a step above this and if you are the first to fully create a weapon like yours it could be named after you and all players after that who create that weapon will be wielding the (Dee Cazo Revolver) or anything like that.

While This is My Joystick takes a lengthier editorial route:
When you start the game you could choose your character or have a character builder, then you could choose what class you want them. Rather than have a series of perks that are specific to that character class, why not have it so you have mix and match perks? Before you think I have totally lost the plot, there is more. So say that you start off as Mordecai and rather than being restricted to his class, the first few missions help you decide the class that you want to be. You level up and you get a skill point and now you can pick what class you want to be. You go into the menu and you see that you have all the skill trees for all classes. Now you pick what class you want. So for example, you decide that you want to be a Soldier Class character (rather than the standard Hunter) because you get the turret and not a bloodwing. So you level up some more and you get to pick a few perks that are relevant to the soldier class. You then decide that you want a perk that the Siren has because you like using elemental based weaponry. Rather than starting again and changing the class to Siren, you could be able to purchase a perk for one of the other classes.

Why should you be restricted on the weaponry that you use? You shouldn't. The main character perks like the upgrading of the special at the bottom of the skill tree would stay intact but you would be allowed to pick what additional perks you would want. This would mean that each character would be unique to the player and their play style and weapons choices. If you extend the level cap to 101 (purely because the level cap on most RPG's is 99 and not out of a Fallout reference) the possibilities would be endless especially if you increase the amount of perks one could attain. You could keep the (reset the skill point) option in the fast travel, allowing people to try a bit of everything within the same play or allow them to reset when starting playthrough two so they can be someone else. Another addition could be to alter the look of your character a bit. Why not allow the players to purchase clothing like in Fable where you can mix and match up an outfit?